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The 1942 film Air Force came along just when America needed something positive about the war. The film is the fictionalized story of a Flying Fortress crew fighting during the early months of the war in the Pacific — right from a group of Forts departing Hamilton Field and flying into the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. It is considerably better than most war films of the time and has some really outstanding footage. Around ten “shark fin” B-17B, B-17C, and B-17D variants were used in filming, which took place at Drew AAF near Tampa but the star of the movie was the “B-17D 40-5564” named Mary Ann. The plane was actually B-17B 38-584 that was credited, for unknown reasons, as a B-17D throughout the film. After the movie was completed, the rare B-17B was utilized for War Bond tours. (USAAF)

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